Quality Policy

CTAE strives for the maximum quality delivered to the recipients in aerospace R&D services, with the final objective of enhancing industrial competitiveness and promoting innovation

Through knowledge transfer from universities and other research centres, and with the added value of its own R&D, CTAE strives to offer services of high strategic value to its customers.

CTAE also strives for the best quality in the services rendered to startup entrepreneurial initiatives related with aerospace technologies.

CTAE expects that every person involved in its activities contributes and is committed to achieving the highest quality level.

CTAE maintains a Quality System based on customer requirements and on continuous improvement for all of its activities. In the context of CTAE’s Quality System, the term “Customer” includes contracting companies but also governmental funding agencies and any other partner such as universities and technology centres who contribute to CTAE’s sustainability.

CTAE promotes project collaboration with all kinds of partners with the ultimate goal of delivering maximum quality to the final customer.

CTAE puts a special effort in professional development and training for its own as well as for seconded staff from other organizations partnering in projects, in order to deliver the best technology contents and services, as required by the customers.

CTAE makes its best effort to comply with the legal and regulatory framework applicable to the products and services delivered to the customers.

CTAE is committed to making the best use of its available resources, both human and other resources, in order to present to the CTAE Board and to the customers an organization geared to obtaining the maximum value.