Laboratory for Advanced Composite Manufacturing

Intexter (the textiles laboratory at UPC Terrassa) and SENER, with support from CTAE, have developed a new composite materials laboratory for aerospace. The focus is not only research into advanced composite materials, but also the processes for manufacture and using these materials, especially for the aeronautics sector.

“COMPOLAB” contains 2 large machines developed for the laboratory, which are now assembled and ready for use. These research machines are supported by the usual research tools of a materials or textiles laboratory.

Composite materials have many advantages over metallic counterparts for aerospace use; for instance, they can be formed into complex shapes reducing the number of parts to make up a component. The reduced parts are critical in terms of stress or crack failure.

Hot Forming Machine and Filler Machine are two important pieces of equipment to research new forming processes to compensate and reduce the time to fabricate composite components. Further, fundamental research in advanced composite materials is also possible.

Any company interested in using this laboratory is welcome to contact us: the laboratory is intended to support multiple functions:

• Industrial research programs and contracts
• University projects and thesis work
• PhD research
• Training of technical staff in the materials, methods and handling of composites