CTAE Materials for Download:

  • Activity Reports

    Activity Reports

    1. CTAE 2008/2009 Activity Report (Download)
    2. CTAE 2007 Activity Report (Download)

  • Press material related to CTAE

    Press material related to CTAE

    Please, feel free to access the following material intended for promotional uses  keeping mention to CTAE's authorship :

    1. CTAE promotional flyer (Download)

    2. CTAE Satnav-LAAC flyer (Download)

    3. CTAE article on How to attract Human Talent (Download)

    4. R & D Areas Posters:
              Earth Observation Poster (Download)
              Human Spaceflight Poster (Download)
              Satellite Navigation Applications Poster (Download)
              Robotics and Automation Poster (Download)
              Software and Control Systems for Airborne and Space Vehicles Poster (Download)