Board & Associates

The former CTAE Board & Associates has become the Aerospace Technologies Committee (ATC) of Ascamm Foundation

  • Abertis Telecom

    Abertis Telecom

    Abertis telecom is one of the leading telecommunications infrastructure and services operators in Europe, with more than 3.200 sites and the largest network of audiovisual broadcasting and distribution sites in Spain. The Company forms part of Abertis, the European leader in infrastructure management. abertis telecom is leading the rollout of digital terrestrial television in Spain and is working on the development of mobile DTT.

  • ACC1Ó


    ACC1Ó is the new business development and innovation centre of the Catalan government aimed at boosting  industrial competitiveness of the Catalan companies.

  • BAIE


    BAIE (Barcelona Aeronàutica i de l'Espai; Barcelona Aeronautics & Space Association) gathers more than 90 members, including local, regional and national government, centres of research, universities, and more than 60 Catalan aerospace companies. BAIE promotes Catalan aeronautical and space industry activities.

  • DeltaBCN - Aerospace and Mobility Park-Viladecans

    DeltaBCN - Aerospace and Mobility Park-Viladecans

    DeltaBCN promotes and manages the creation of the Aerospace and Mobility Park in Viladecans (Barcelona) fostering specialization, innovation and susteinability.

  • GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y Software, S.A.

    GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y Software, S.A.

    GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y Software, S.A., founded in 1987, is one of the most relevant European companies in System and Software Engineering. GTD is active in all the pahses of the developmetn lifecycle. GTD delivers services as a consultancy, as basic engineering or as key-in-hand, fully operative systems.
  • Gutmar, S.A.

    Gutmar, S.A.

    Founded in 1951, Gutmar is the company with the longest tradition in aerospace in Catalonia. Today it carries out the complete development cycle, from design engineering, to machining, assembly, tesing and after-sales support.

  • INDRA Espacio S.A.

    INDRA Espacio S.A.

    Indra Espacio S.A. is the leading Spanish company within the terrestrial segment for all space related activities. Our mission is to be the best partner for all IT - intensive activities within the space market.

  • MIER comunicaciones S.A.

    MIER comunicaciones S.A.

    Mier comunicaciones is a private company located near Barcelona with an industrial tradition of more than fifty years in radiofrequency electronics for space and ground applications.



    Since 1987, NTE provides engineering services for the development of custom, high-performance systems, instruments and equipment for advanced research and applications Its original focus on solutions for the Life Sciences and Biomedical sectors has evolved to cover needs in other scientific domains as well. Nowadays, NTE's activities address the needs of research centers, technological institutes, healthcare organizations and industrial companies which require high added-value engineering partnerships and solutions.

  • SENER, Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A.

    SENER, Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A.

    SENER was created in 1956 as an engineering and consulting firm. In 1985 the activity was expanded to Aeronautics and Defense, with the participacion in Eurofighter/Eurojet and other European and Spanich programs.

  • SERRA Soldadura

    SERRA Soldadura

    SERRA SOLDADURA S.A. was founded in 1972 as the mother company of the SERRA GROUP, composed of several engineering and process automation companies. During the 1990s its expansion overseas was consolidated with the creation of subsidiaries in France, Portugal and Brazil, as also of a large network of representatives in the five continents. In 2000, the SERRA Aeronautics Division was created, aimed at providing automated solutions for the aerospace sector.

  • UPC


    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: UPC is a higher education institution striving for academic excellence in teaching research and transferring of results to society. UPC was founded in 1968 with the objective of clustering the Technical Schools existing in Barcelona, some of them dating back to the XIX century. Currently UPC has campuses in Barcelona, Castelldefels, Manresa, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Terrassa and Vilanova I la Geltrú.